PTE Home A2

Some visas require proof of English language improvement in order to qualify for an extension. The spouse/partner and parent of a dependent visas can be extended after 2.5 years dependent on several criteria including proficiency of English at CEFR level A2.

To find out more about UK visa english language requirements visit our UK visa page or the website.

What will you be tested on?

To complete a PTE Home test you will need to attend a secure Pearson test center. You will use a computer and headset to listen to, read and respond to questions.

The PTE Home A2 test is made up of 30-33 items and lasts up to 25 minutes. There are 3 question types:

Part 1:
Repeat sentence

(22-23 questions)

Part 2:
Describe image

(4-5 questions)

Part 3:
Story re-tell

(4-5 questions)