Pearson Education, Inc., (“Pearson”) requests your permission to use your name, likeness, image, voice and/or performance taken via photograph or audio/video recording of you and/or written transcripts of words spoken or written by you in an interview or survey and/or any other contribution (such as an essay or other piece of writing or artwork) created by you (“Recordings”). By accepting the terms below you voluntarily agree to the following:


  1. Pearson (or people working for Pearson) may create the Recordings. Pearson holds all rights in your contribution to the Recordings. This means that Pearson will own the Recordings and may edit, use and publish them, including for marketing purposes, in any language, format or medium (including the internet), anywhere in the world. Pearson may also allow its affiliates and subsidiaries to use the Recordings. You consent to Pearson using the Recordings in this way. Pearson does not have to let you review, or approve the Recordings before it uses them.
  2. Pearson may use your likeness or image in connection with any use of the Recordings.
  3. Pearson may use your name and any relevant biographical information about you in connection with the Recordings.
    If Pearson does not use your real name, it will use a fictitious name instead, or no name at all.
  4. Pearson may use the Recordings for as long as it considers them relevant to its products and services unless you withdraw your consent, which you may do at any time. If you withdraw your consent to the Recordings and/or your biographical information being used in marketing and promotional materials, we will remove them from videos or photographs uploaded to YouTube or other social media and online marketing channels as quickly as we can. If your Recordings have been used in Pearson’s printed promotional materials or in any of Pearson’s products and services and you withdraw your consent, we will not be able to remove what has already been printed, but we will remove the Recordings and/or your biographical information at the next edition of the relevant material and we will remove them from any online product or service as quickly as we can.
  5. You agree that Pearson does not have to get permission from anyone else before Pearson can use the Recordings or biographical information about you.
  6. You release Pearson and all of its representatives from any and all claims which you may have based on Pearson’s use of the Recordings or biographical information about you.
  7. You waive any current or future claims based on moral rights in the Recordings.
  8. Your consent is entirely voluntary and your decision whether or not to give it will not in any way affect your ability to access Pearson’s products and services.