This digital resource is suited to anyone who has built a general understanding of PTE Academic, gathered some tips/guidance, and is now ready to practice working at your own pace.

The PTE Academic Question Bank allows you to build your confidence and develop your skills through 300 questions broken down by each PTE Academic task type. All the questions come with answer explanations to help you understand the reason behind each correct answer. For the Speaking and Writing questions, you have sample audio or written responses to be able to compare against your own performance and help you to adjust and improve as you move through further questions.

How it helps you:

  • 300 authentically written PTE Academic questions and answers to build your skills and strengthen your performance
  • Each question is timed and formatted to simulate a test experience and enable you the flexibility to move between different questions with easy navigation
  • Answer explanations help you to understand the reasons behind each answer
  • Sample answers for all open-ended questions allow you learn what an effective answer is and adjust your own responses

Note: Users have 6 months access to their PTE Academic Question Bank account upon first redemption of their Product Access Code

PTE Academic Question Bank

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300 authentically written PTE Academic questions with answer explanations and sample answers.

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