English Booster is a digital application with hundreds of self-study activities and practice questions to help you prepare for the test.

It is aimed at students who are at the very start of their PTE journey and are looking to familiarise themselves with the test through authentic practice and sub-skills training. It is ideal for those that require a bit more support applying their learning to PTE Academic task types.

English Booster focuses on developing your sub-skills, vocabulary, and grammar, as well as improving your technique for answering each of the different task types in PTE Academic. Keep track of your progress and learn more information about the PTE Academic through informative videos and exam strategies.

English Booster has around 100 hours of content available on the platform. We recommend students have at least a B1 CEFR level of English.

How it helps you:

  • Builds your confidence of applying and practicing the use of Academic English in context through a series of activities and question practice
  • Develops your sub-skills for each of the different task types in PTE Academic through a series of exercises
  • Gives you an indication of your progress made through the activities with a results dashboard

Note: Users have 6 months access to their PTE Academic English Booster account upon first redemption of their Product Access Code

PTE Academic English Booster

$24.99 USD

(+taxes may apply)

A digital product with hundreds of activities and practice-based questions to help you improve your Academic English learning and skills application for the purposes of taking PTE Academic and for academic studies.

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