The Official PTE Academic Scored Practice Tests are exclusively delivered through Pearson. Scored Practice Tests replicate the format of PTE Academic and can be taken on a laptop or desktop computer rather than at a test centre.

All Scored Practice Tests are designed using retired content from previous PTE Academic tests and therefore you will experience the same typical authentic and levelled standards of questions.

At the end of a Scored Practice Test you will submit your test to be scored and it will be returned to you marked typically within a day (usually within an hour). You will receive a full score report with an overall, communicative and enabling skills scores.

Pearson’s Scored Practice Tests for PTE Academic are the best indication of your readiness for the test.

How it helps you:

  • You can sit a Scored Practice Test conveniently anytime, anywhere using a laptop or computer
  • Develops familiarity with the test format and sequence of the questions so you know what to expect on test day
  • Helps you to learn how to manage your time in the test with each of the sections so you can pace yourself according to each task
  • Score Reports give you a breakdown of your skill performance so you can target areas for improvement before taking PTE Academic

Please note:

  • If you are a returning customer, please now login to your account using the Sign In button at the top of webpage and follow the links under preparation account
  • The tests are for practice only and you will NOT receive an accredited result.
  • Before you purchase a test, we recommend you check if your computer is compatible
  • Scored Practice Tests Versions A, B, C & D are the same tests as previously named Version 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Each Scored Practice Test does not refresh the content after use.
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