PTE pilot

Pearson are a leading provider of English and Assessment products worldwide and currently offer a range of English tests used for a variety of purposes, such as course achievement, study abroad and professional applications. As we continue to improve our English testing portfolio, our team has been working on a new test.

We are looking for test takers worldwide to participate in a trial of this test and provide feedback on their experience. There are three test versions and participants can take one, two or all three tests. The tests must be taken at a test center, and should be taken before December 24th.

There is no fee to take the test. We will reward all test takers with a 60 USD (or equivalent) gift card per test to thank you for your participation. Gift cards will be provided after the trial period has ended

Further details are in the FAQs below.

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Who can register for the pilot?

We’re looking for a range of test takers of various age, gender, nationalities, and for people with varying levels of English language proficiency. Anyone who’s interested can register to see if they qualify for the pilot. Testing will take place between November 16th – January 10th 2021.


How do I register for the pilot?
  1. To register for the pilot, firstly complete the online registration form.

    Please note, if you have already taken a PTE test, you will need to register for this trial using an alternative email address.

  2. We will create a new MyPTE account for test takers who qualify for the pilot. You will be sent an activation link and should reset your password so that you can access this account.
  3. Log into your account to select your test, test centre location, time and date. Complete the additional account profile and booking questions and finalise your test  booking.
  4. Once your booking has been finalised, you will receive an email confirming your test session and provided information on the testing process.
  5. After completing one booking, you can log back into your MyPTE account to schedule your second and third test.
Will everybody who registers be able to take the tests?

The trial will be closed when we have the required number of participants. We have a limited number of test places so only those who qualify for this round will receive a confirmation email to schedule their test. But we will keep your details on record in case we conduct testing again.

Where do I take the tests?
Pilot testing is only available at selected test centres in the countries listed below.

United Arab Emirates
South Korea

Please check this list to see if we’re testing in your city.

Do I need to prepare for the tests?

No, there is no preparation required for this test. It doesn’t matter what your current level of English is as we need people at all different levels, so beginner, intermediate or advanced English speakers should join.

What do I need to bring to my test session?
You will need to arrive 30 minutes prior to your test session and bring a valid form of ID (a passport in most cases). You will find more instruction on the test day procedure in your booking confirmation email.
How much will I receive for each test?
Test takers will receive approximately $60 USD in a gift card (or equivalent) for completing each test. Depending on locations, test takers may receive a Flexi eGift card that can be used in various stores in Australia (click here to learn more) or an Amazon US digital gift card (or equivalent). The amount received depends on the number of tests completed. There are three test versions and test-takers can complete all three to receive the maximum payment. No direct monetary payments will be made to participants.
What conditions do I need to meet to be eligible for payment? 

To receive payment, test takers must attempt all test questions to the best of their ability. This means you should take your time, attempt all test questions and behave in an appropriate manner in the test centre.

An individual can only take a maximum of three tests (each test version taken once) and use a single account. Pearson reserves the right to withhold any payment if tests have been completed in a dishonest manner or if evidence of duplicate accounts is identified.

Do I need to take all three tests?

There are three version of this test and you can take one, two or all three tests. It’s up to you.

You will need to complete each test booking separately and will receive a confirmation email after each test has been officially booked.

I booked into all three tests but my account only shows one booking.
Your account will only show the last booking you made, however you should have received a confirmation email after booking each test. Please follow the instructions you receive via email.
Is there a difference between each test version?
There is no difference in difficulty or duration between the test versions. Each has a randomised selection of test questions.
How long does it take to complete the test?
Each test takes approximately 2 hours to be completed. You’ll also need to arrive at the testing centre at least 30 minutes before your test to complete the test check in process.
When will I receive my payment?
Participants in this pilot will receive their payment once the testing period has been finished and should expect to receive payments either via email or post in early 2021.
What happens after the test?

We will send you a short feedback survey to ask you about your experience. Once you have completed this survey, we will initiate your payment.

Do I receive scores or a score report?
No, people who participate in this test trial will not receive any scores or a score report. Your test responses will only be used for internal Pearson test development purposes.
Why does myPTE Account show that my results are available?
Please disregard this notification as there are no results available for trial tests.
I registered but did not receive an account activation email.

People who qualify will receive an activation email a few days after registering. This email may go into your junk or spam folders. If you missed the email try clicking on this link and enter the email address you registered to access the account. If you do not receive any email, you may not have qualified for the trial.

If you have any questions, please submit your query via this online form and the PTE customer support team will be in touch with you.