The New Score Report Website

Students receive their PTE Academic scores through a secure online portal, the Score Report Website. To ensure you maximize the security of PTE Academic scores, you should always verify scores through the secure online portal. You should not accept paper or PDF copies of the score report.

In 2019 Pearson is introducing a new Score Report Website for all institutions that accept PTE Academic scores. The new website will provide you with a quicker and more efficient way of verifying candidate scores.


The new website will allow you to:

  • Verify test taker scores using a new Score Report Code – a 10 digit (numbers and letters) reference – even if test takers have not assigned their scores to your institution.
  • Access test taker scores assigned to your institution using the candidate Registration ID.
  • Download score reports as files for saving or printing.
  • View and edit your institution’s contact information and user accounts.

Downloadable guide

If you would like specific instructions about the new Score Report Website and the Score Report Code, you can download our complete PDF guide.

FAQs for institutions

How do I migrate to the new Score Report Website?

Pearson is managing the migration of institutions to the new Score Report Website between July and September 2019. You will be notified well in advance of the migration date to the new site. Your existing institution data will be transferred across to the new site, so there should be no immediate actions for you or your colleagues to make.

When do I need to move to the new site?

All institutions will migrate to the new site by the end of September 2019.

What is the Score Report Code and why is it necessary?

The Score Report Code is a new reference number which can be used to verify a test taker’s PTE Academic scores on the new Score Report Website.

Its introduction is in response to feedback from institutions who prefer to verify candidate scores this way rather than wait for test takers to electronically assign their scores through our test registration website.

What does the new Score Report Code look like and where is it on the Score Report?

The Score Report Code is 10 digits long and is a combination of letters and numbers. It can be found at the top of the test taker’s score report, underneath their name.

NOTE: The institutional version of the Score Report (below) differs visually from that received by test takers.

How is Pearson informing test takers about the new Score Report Code?

Ahead of 1 April 2019, Pearson will inform both new and recent test takers of the addition of the new Score Report Code to their Score Report.

Pearson will inform all test takers that they should continue to electronically assign their Score Report to their chosen institutions until your institution is ready to accept the new Score Report Code.

Pearson will be listing all recognizing institutions as they are brought on board to the new website and can accept the new Score Report Code.

How can institutions inform applicants about the new Score Report Code?

Once migrated to the new Score Report Website you will be able to verify scores:

  • Using the new Score Report Code.
  • Submitted by the existing electronic allocation route.

To help explain this to applicants we have prepared a message template that can be adapted and sent to your applicants.

What else will change on the new Score Report Website?

We understand your priority is to verify a candidate’s score as quickly, efficiently and securely as possible. Therefore, our priority is the following.

Speed & efficiency:

  • Putting verification as the first action (after login).
  • On-screen candidate and score verification with the option to download/save a Score Report.
  • Simple, clean navigation.
  • Simple administration of your users.

Stability & security:

  • Ensuring a robust website and appropriate data security

We will arrange a tour of the features and provide support material to you when we are ready to migrate you to the new service.

Will anything else change on the Score Report beyond the new Score Report Code?
  • Candidates’ version: No changes.
  • Institutional version: We are updating the branding, look and feel of the Score Report version available to Institutions. The Score Report will also be a web-based Score Report that can be converted in the website to PDF. Note: The information on both the candidate and institutional versions of the Score Report will remain exactly the same.
Why are the test taker and the institutional version of the Score Report not the same?

We plan to improve the user experience for both test takers and institutions. These changes are being completed in phases, and institutions are the first to benefit. We expect to implement changes to the candidate Score Report in 2020.


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