PTE Academic Preparation Course Outline

The PTE Academic Preparation Course Outline is a foundation document to help with the design of preparation courses for PTE Academic. It provides a list of the suggested focus areas for lessons around which a preparation course can be built. The course outline is based on the main communicative skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing and their subskills as listed in the Official Guide to PTE Academic. Each PTE Academic subskill is presented in order, with correlation to the PTE Academic item types where each subskill is tested. Because the course outline follows the organization of the Official Guide, subskills are listed where they occur in the Official Guide; for example, note-taking from a lecture is included as a writing skill although it is an integrated skill with listening.

Who is it for?

The course outline has been produced for anyone wishing to design a preparation course for PTE Academic. It provides support by indicating the areas for each subskill where classroom activities and accompanying resources can be developed. For example, for the speaking subskill of ‘Developing complex ideas within a spoken discourse’, activities and materials can be added to focus lessons on the following areas: using notes to plan an oral presentation; prioritizing and ranking ideas; showing the connection between main ideas and supporting details; linking ideas with spoken discourse markers; using referencing in spoken discourse to link ideas.

How to use it

In developing resources and activities for lessons using the ‘Areas for lesson focus’ in the course outline, it may be simplest to incorporate the subskills directly as the core of a skills-based syllabus, but they can also be incorporated into a topic-based syllabus. The focus areas listed for each subskill may provide one or several lessons, and some subskills may usefully be combined in one lesson. For example, for listening skills, the focus areas listed for ‘Summarizing main idea’ will provide material for more than one lesson, and may usefully be combined or revised in combination with other subskills such as ‘Identifying the topic’ and ‘Identifying supporting points or examples’, as well as ‘Understanding academic vocabulary’ or ‘Inferring the meaning of unfamiliar words’. Some repetition of focus areas across subskills is inevitable, but an attempt has been made to keep this to a minimum so that there is maximum flexibility in choosing course components.

Because as many resources and activities for the focus areas may be developed as needed, courses of a suitable length can be developed to meet requirements.

Additional Resources

View the PTE Academic Preparation Course Outline for more information.


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