Current research projects

External research projects

Below is a list of external researchers who have carried out or are currently conducting research using data from Pearson Language Tests.

Ongoing Projects

Aryadoust, V., Singapore University
Using the Rasch Model to Investigate Differential Item Functioning in reading items of PTE Academic

Frost, K., & McNamara, T., University of Melbourne
Stakeholder perceptions of the use of PTE Academic for the purpose of skilled migrant selection in the accounting profession in Australia

Knoch, U., & Elder, C., University of Melbourne
Test preparation practices and their links to score gains on the PTE Academic

Sorace, A., & Bak, T., University of Edinburgh and Bilingualism Matters
Cognitive, motivational and demographic correlates of Progress test proficiency scores

Tsagari, D., & Demetriou, T., University of Cyprus
Investigation of linguistic parameters accounting for progress in proficiency on the GSE

Zheng, Y., University of Southampton
Assessing Language Progress: How to Measure, and What to Compare to?

Completed Projects

Al-Lawati, Z., Ph.D. candidate, Lancaster University, UK
Investigating the characteristics of language test specifications and item writer guidelines, and their effect on item development
Supervisor: Brunfaut, T., Ph.D.

Barkaoui, K., Ph.D., York University, Toronto
Examining sources of variability in repeaters’ L2 writing scores: The case of the PTE Academic writing section

Bosker, H.R., Ph.D. candidate, Utrecht University, Netherlands
Second language oral fluency: production and perception
Supervisor: De Jong, N.H., Ph.D.

Brunfaut, T., Ph.D. & Revesz, A., Ph.D., Lancaster University, UK
Tasks, proficiency, and assessing L2 listening comprehension

Chan, S.H.C., MA candidate, University of Essex, UK
An investigation into the composing processes in writing-only and reading-to-write test tasks: computer-assisted analysis and stimulated recall
Supervisor: Lilley, T.

Durrant, P., Ph.D., Walker, C., Ph.D., University of Exeter & INTO University of Exeter LLP, UK
Using PTE Academic to predict achievement and measure proficiency gains in an intensive EAP foundation programme

Fox, J., Prof. & Fraser, W., Prof., Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
Standard Setting: Relating the Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Assessment to the Pearson Test of English Academic in the context of admission to tertiary study in Canada

Huhta, A., Ph.D. & Hirvelä, T., Ph.D., University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Diagnosing the development of writing ability

Lim, Y.S., Ph.D. candidate, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA
Empirically-based methods to develop and evaluate attributes in cognitive diagnostic assessment
Supervisor: Douglas, J.A., Ph.D.

Lu, L., Ph.D. candidate, Wollongong University, Australia
Explore validity evidence on automatic essay scoring systems from the perspective of rating process
Supervisor: Tognolini, J., Prof.

Ma, J., Ph.D. candidate, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
The effects of test preparation on Chinese test takers’ PTE Academic performance, English language proficiency, and motivation of English language learning
Supervisor: Cheng, L., Prof.

McCray, G., Ph.D. candidate, Lancaster University, UK
Statistical modelling of cognitive processing in reading comprehension in the context of language testing
Supervisors: Brunfaut, T., Ph.D., Berridge, D., Prof., & Alderson, J.C., Prof.

O’Loughlin, K., Ph.D., University of Melbourne, Australia
Investigating frequency and range of academic vocabulary use in written test tasks and responses

Owen, N., MA candidate, University of Leicester, UK
Can PTE Academic be used as an exit test for a course of academic English?
Supervisor: Fulcher, G., Prof.

Pae, H., Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, USA
Construct validity of Pearson Test of English Academic: A multitrait-multimethod approach

Palani, M., MA candidate, Warwick University, UK
Investigating the predictive validity of PTE Academic listening for understanding university lectures
Supervisor: Harsch, C., Ph.D.

Present-Thomas, R., Ph.D. candidate, Amsterdam VU University, Netherlands
Linguistic parameters of writing performance at higher CEF levels
Supervisor: De Jong, J.H.A.L., Prof.

Reckase, M., Prof. & Xu, J., Ph.D., Michigan State University, USA
The Evidence for a Subscore Structure in a Test of English Language Competency for English Language Learners

Riazi, M., Prof., Macquarie University, Australia
Investigating the scalability and criterion-related (concurrent and predictive) validity of PTE Academic

Rukthong, A., Ph.D. candidate, Lancaster University, UK
Investigating the listening construct underlying listening-to-summarize tasks
Supervisor: Brunfaut, T., Ph.D.

Shu, Z., Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA
Test cheating detection model

Song, X.M., Ph.D. candidate, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
DIF investigations with Listening Subskills on the PTE Academic
Supervisor: Cheng, L., Prof.

Treffers-Daller, J., Prof., Williams, S., A., Prof., & Parslow, P., Ph.D, University of Reading, UK
Automated assessment of lexical diversity and n-grams in essays of test takers of PTE Academic

Xu, J., Ph.D. & Reckase, M., D., Prof., Michigan State University, USA
Using Multidimensional Item Response Theory (MIRT) to Link Multiple Test Forms and Report Subscores for Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE A)

Wei, W., Ph.D., Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Vietnam
Can integrated skills tasks change students’ uses of learning strategies and materials? A case study using PTE Academic integrated skills items

Wilson, R., Ph.D. candidate, University of Warwick, UK
The PTE Academic and Outer Circle Students: Assessing Proficiency in English, Ownership of English, and Academic Performance at UK Universities.
Supervisor: Harsch, C., Prof.

Yan, J., Prof., Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Effects of skill integration on language assessment: A comparative study of PTE Academic and IB CET-6

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