Are you thinking about studying in the UK? If so, you’re not alone. Each year, over 500,000 international students enrolled at a UK university. In fact, after the United States, the UK is the second most popular destination for higher education students.  

UK universities are renowned for excellent teaching and cutting-edge research, and UK degrees are highly valued by academics and employers worldwide. But to study there, you’ll need to demonstrate you have an appropriate level of English 

Our PTE Academic secure language test is accepted by nearly every university in the UK – as well as for all immigration applications. So, what score will you need to earn a spot in a university? Let’s find out:  


What it’s like to study in the UK 

International Student Working in the UK

When it comes to world rankings, UK universities consistently perform well. According to this year’s QS World University Rankings, four of the top 10 universities around the globe are located in the UK.  

Going to a UK university isn’t just a good move as far as your education goes. It’s also a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture and meet lots of different people.  

The UK is small, but it’s also very diverse. This means your student experience will be quite different, depending on whether you choose to study in a big multicultural city like London or Glasgow, or a smaller university town like St. Andrews or Exeter.  

The amount of money you’ll need to study in the UK will also vary. Student fees differ from institution to institution. At the same time, your accommodation and day-to-day living expenses will depend on where your university is located.  

For a more detailed breakdowncheck out the guide on the cost of living in the UK.  


English language requirements  

To secure a student visa and attend a UK university, you’ll need to prove you have the English speaking, reading, writing and listening skills needed to succeed in your studies.  

The PTE Academic is accepted by 99% of universities across the UK.  

Still, each has slightly different entry requirements. But as a general UK government rulefor programmes below degree level – such as a  foundation programme – you will need to demonstrate a CEFR B1 level of English. For programmes at degree level and above, you will need to demonstrate CEFR B2 level of English.  


How does PTE Academic scoring work? 

PTE Academic provides transparent and easy to understand scoring. After taking the test you will receive an overall English score, as well as see how you performed in the Listening, Reading, Speaking and writing areas of the exam.  

You’ll also get a: 

  • Grammar score 
  • Spelling score 
  • Oral Fluency score 
  • Vocabulary score 
  • Written Discourse score

If you’re happy with your results, you can assign your scores to the universities or institutions you are applying to directly from the myPTE account you created when registering. If you want to improve your scores, you can re-book the test after some more practice.  

Find out how PTE Academic scoring compares with other English tests. 


University score breakdown 

Here are the required PTE Academic scores for 25 universities across the UK, including their Times Higher Education World University and QS World University rankings: 

Higher Education Institution Times HE rank QS rank PTE Score Requirement 
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine 11 8 56 – 62 
University College London 16 10 59 – 75 
London School of Economics and Political Science 27 49 58 – 65 
King’s College London 35 31 59 – 75 
The University of Manchester 51 27 49 – 73 
The University of Warwick 77 62 60 – 75 
The University of Glasgow 92 77 59 – 70 
The University of Birmingham 107 87 51 – 67 
Queen Mary University of London 110 114 51 – 57 
The University of Sheffield 121 93 51 – 56 
The University of Lancaster 136 135 50 – 70 
University of Durham 149 86 56 – 62 
The University of Leeds 160 91 56 – 60 
The University of Sussex 160 246 56 – 67 
The University of Liverpool 163 181 51 – 62 
The University of Leicester 170 242 56 – 67 
Newcastle University 178 152 56 – 69 
The University of Aberdeen 178 207 51 – 54 
Cardiff University 191 159 36 – 78 
The University of East Anglia 200 333 42 – 50 
The University of Bath 201-250 173 51 – 67 
The University of Dundee 201-250 319 56 – 67 
The University of Reading 201-250 205 51 – 67 
The University of Surrey 251-300 267 42 – 73 
The University of Kent 301-250 380 65 – 68 
The University of Stirling 301-250 485 51 – 54 
Brunel University London 351-400 368 51 – 64 
City, University of London 351-400 350 55 – 60 
University of Northumbria at Newcastle 351-400 651-700 54 – 62 

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