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Being well prepared for an exam can be the difference between getting the result you want rather than the one you are dreading. And whilst learning how to do well in a test is not as important as possessing the knowledge and skills being tested, nevertheless, it is an important step on your road to success.  

PTE Academic is a trusted test for entry into higher education and a gateway to immigration, recognized by institutions and governments around the worldBut as the only 100% AI-scored digital test in the high-stakes market, it’s important to know what to expect and to have plenty of time to practice before the big day! 

That’s why we are so excited to launch a brand new PTE Academic test preparation course, available only in Pearson Online English. 

Cut into five easy-to-understand sections, this short 10-hour course has units on speaking, reading, listening, and writing in order for you to be fully prepared for the PTE Academic exam. You will see and hear real-life examples of test questions, and become familiar with common question types to help build your vocabulary and comprehension skills. You will hear advice from experts on how to attempt each question type in readiness for your exam.   

Using a video-based instruction methodology and a gamified assessment design, the course simulates each of the question types, giving you the chance to try out your own techniques, before receiving guidance from a PTE Academic master trainer. 

Getting the right score can be life-changing, so don’t leave it to chance.  

Sign up for Pearson Online English and enroll in the PTE Academic test prep course today! 

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