The UK is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. And, being awarded a scholarship to study in the UK can give you access to top-level education at a more affordable price.  

So, how do you apply? UK university scholarships are offered by both the UK government and individual universities – and are available for undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD students alike. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the top scholarships for international students in the UK 


Undergraduate scholarships in the UK 

Undergraduate scholarships in the UK

Many UK undergraduate scholarships are offered directly through universitiesFor example:  

  • The University of West London offers the International Ambassador Scholarship. This is given to outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate students and reduces the first-year tuition by up to £5,000.  
  • Sheffield Hallam University offers Transform Together Scholarships, which give students 50% off their first-year tuition.   
  • The University of Westminster offers scholarships for students from developing countries. They cover the full cost of tuition, as well as flights, living expenses, and accommodation.  

Many scholarships and bursaries are awarded to students automatically upon admission. For others, you need to apply separately.  

If you’re unable to get a scholarship, consider applying for government student supportReceiving student support doesn’t go against visa rules. You can learn more here 


Postgraduate scholarships in the UK 

Postgraduate scholarships in the UK

As a postgraduatethere are several ways to gefinancial support. You can be awarded a scholarship directly through your university, or through a government-run initiative set up to support international students. For example:  

  • Chevening Scholarships from the UK Government – Do you have an outstanding academic record and leadership potential? Consider applying for a Chevening Scholarship. British embassies around the world choose 1,500 candidates every academic cycle to receive these masters scholarships in the UK. Recipients get their flights covered to travel to their study destinations, tuition waivers, and a living allowance. 
  • Commonwealth Scholarships funded by the Department for International Development – The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) offers around 800 awards each year to talented postgraduate students. Recipients are chosen exclusively from developing Commonwealth countries, and they receive funds to cover their flights, tuition fees, daily living needs, and more.  

The CSC is also a great place to start if you’re looking for PhD scholarships in the UK – especially if your thesis or area of study would help you improve the lives of people in your home country.  


A case studyUniversity of Manchester scholarships 


To learn more about the different types of scholarships offered to international students, let’s take a closer look at one university in particular: The University of Manchester. Here are a few ways students can receive funding at the university 

  • GREAT scholarships offer postgraduate students from 13 countries – including China, Kenya, and Mexico – between £10,000 to £14,625 to studyThe scholarships are designed to make climate change courses more accessible for learners around the world.  
  • Equity and Merit Scholarships cover full tuition, airfare, living costs, and visa fees for postgraduate students from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. They’re intended for students who are focused on contributing to sustainable development goals in their home countries 
  • Scholarships and bursaries from faculty and schools offer financial support for international and EU students studying at specific university departments 

Universities throughout Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland all offer similar scholarshipsOnce you have an acceptance offer, you can find out more information about scholarships and other financial support on your university’s website.   

So, whether you’re fresh out of school, continuing your studies as a postgraduate, or hoping to become a PhD candidate, there are lots of scholarships to help you pursue your dreams of studying in the UK.  

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