Dreaming of studying in Australia? It’s never too early to start planning financially. The average cost of tuition for international students is about $30,000 AUD per year. However, there are lots of scholarships available to help pay for your studies.

Ithis article, we’ll look at what funding is available for international students in AustraliaBy the end, you’ll have a list of resources to explore to find the scholarship that’s right for you.  


Are you eligible for a scholarship? 

Australia offers grants, bursaries, and scholarships to people from around the world – including undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD, and vocational students. They’re funded by the government, universities, and private entities 

The Australian Government has an excellent scholarship search tool on its website. With it, you can search for funding opportunities based on a whole range of factors – like what country you come from, what university you’re attending, and your area and level of study. You’ll see how much each scholarship is worth, who it’s made for, and of course, whether you might be eligible.  


Australian scholarship opportunities  

Now, let’s cover a few scholarship opportunities for international students in Australia. 

Australia Awards Scholarships 

Australia Awards scholarships are offered to global student leaders from developing countriesThey’re awarded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and support students with full tuition, airfare, living costs, and more. In 2021, 818 Australia Awards were given to students from 20 countries worldwide.  

Destination Australia Awards  

The Australian government introduced the Destination Australia program to provide both local and international students with the opportunity to study in more regional and remote areas of Australia – towns such as Ballarat (Victoria), Gatton (Queensland), and Lismore (New South Wales). The scholarships are given out through Australian universities and provide students with up to $15,000 AUD each year.  

University-specific scholarships 

In addition to government-provided scholarships, universities also offer their own scholarshipto qualifying international students. There’s the International Student Support Scholarship at the University of Southern Queensland; the International VCE Scholarship at Victoria University; and Diversity Scholarships at Perth College of Business and Technology. 

The point is, universities offer lots of scholarships for international students based on a long list of eligibility factors – like home country, area of study, and academic merit. To search for funding opportunities at your own institution, use the search tool on the Government of Australia website.  


A case study: Monash University scholarships 

To get an idea of all the different scholarships that can be offered by Australian universities, we’ll take a closer look at one popular institution for international students: Monash University.  

Monash University is recognized for its research and teaching, and offer more than 80 scholarships to international students, including:   

Universities throughout Australia offer similar scholarships.  

To apply for any scholarship or funding opportunity, you’ll need to contact the scholarship provider.  


Other ways to fund your studies 

As an international student, there are other options to pay for your studies in Australia.  

One of the biggest perks of studying in Australia is that international students can work up to 40 hours every two weeks on a visa. The minimum wage is also $20 AUD/hour, meaning you’ll be able to put some money aside to help fund your education. Depending on where you are from, you might also be able to get a student loan or scholarship from your own country to study overseas. 

Want to read more about studying down under? Check out our blog: Benefits of studying in Australia.  

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