Studying abroad is rarely cheap. Even if you’ve got a scholarship, a job on the side can help you live a little more comfortably during your degree. Luckily, there are lots of jobs for international students in the UK. You just need to know where to find them.  

Once you arrive, you’ll be able to do the traditional resumé drop-offs and ask about opportunities in store. But you don’t have to wait until then to start your hunt. Jumping online and applying in advance is the best method for getting a job in the UK for international students. It’s also nice to know that you’ve got a casual or part-time position waiting for you.  

This quick guide discusses a variety of jobs in the UK for international applicants including: 

  • Part-time jobs in the UK for international students 
  • Summer jobs in the UK for international students 
  • Graduate jobs for international students in the UK. 


Part-Time Jobs in the UK for International Students

Barista Part-Time Job

If you’ve got strong time-management and organisation skills, working a part-time job while you study can be an effective way to earn an income. On an international student visa (Student route visa), you’re able to work up to 20 hours per week during the term. 

Common part-time jobs for international students in the UK include: 

  • Receptionist 
  • Retail worker 
  • Mystery shopper 
  • Shelf packer  
  • Waiter/barista/bar tender 
  • Student ambassador 
  • Library assistant. 

Would you prefer a part-time job that is more academic in nature will intellectually challenge you as much as your actual course? You might consider becoming a research assistant at your university. 

If you’re studying a postgraduate degree or PhD, you could even apply for part-time teaching jobs in the UK for international students. Sharing your experience with undergraduates in tutorials is a great way to solidify your own knowledge while earning some money. 

The UK’s largest job databases are a good place to start your hunt: 

If you’ve got a specific job in mind, try searching for a niche jobs website (e.g. C+D Jobs is a great place to find pharmacy jobs in the UK for international students). 

Most UK universities have support services that can help you find a part-time job (as well as a job after you graduate). As an example, the career centre at University College London helps UCL students with all types of career-related activities – including finding part-time jobs in London for international students. Similarly, the University of Edinburgh runs a careers service where international students can get advice about part-time jobs in Scotland. Visit your chosen university’s website to see what kind of career services they provide. 


Summer Jobs in the UK for International Students 


Prefer to focus all your time and energy on your studies? That’s alright – a casual job during semester breaks might be a good alternative for you. A student visa allows you to work full-time during vacation periods. 

Most of the part-time jobs listed above are also great options for working during your time off. You may also find an opportunity over summer to work as a: 

  • Sales representative 
  • Event assistant 
  • Call centre operator 
  • Private tutor. 

The resources previously mentioned for part-time jobs are also relevant for international students finding a summer job in the UK. You should also consider talking to your university’s career support staff about any summer internships that might be available – these can provide a great experience and give you a foot in the door. 


Graduate Jobs in the UK for International Students 

International Graduate with New Job

As your final exam and graduation approach, you’ll naturally start thinking about your first job after university. The UK’s immigration program will allow you to transition from a student visa to a working visa if you secure a position that meets the relevant salary and time criteria. 

This is where your university’s career centre will really come in handy, so make sure you’ve made appointments with them well ahead of your last class. They can help you find and apply for UK jobs for international graduates. 

Many jobsites allow you to filter your search to jobs that are marked as suitable for new graduates. Check that you’re searching in the right area/with the right filter.  

Whether you’re looking for a part-time role while you study or a full-time job to extend your stay in the UK, you’ll find a wide range of opportunities available to you.  

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