Ilorah Chidiebele is from Nigeria. She works as a full-time disability support worker, helping young people with ADHD, OCD, and other neuro diversities as well as with elderly people in care homes. She loves her vocation and it is her ambition to become a Registered Nurse in Brisbane, Australia where she is about to settle permanently with her husband and baby daughter. 

Ilora describes herself as being the outgoing type. Although, she sometimes feels quite introverted a personality combination which matches well with her new choice of home. 

“I like the fact that almost everywhere you go to, you have a beach surrounding you. The calm, the peace, the serenity of just getting to the beach and taking a walk. And that’s one of the perks of living here. I really enjoy the beach time.” 

Ilora also says she’s a “travel freak”, which perhaps explains why she’s gone so far from her home country! PTE is helping her meet the English language requirements of her degree program. Here’s Ilora’s story. 


Personal growth in Australia 

Life has changed a lot for Ilorah since moving to Brisbane in 2018. 

“I would say that, in a way, I think, I’ve had this personal growth. I’ve learned to interact with people from different walks of life, different cultures, different backgrounds. I’ve broadened my horizons by traveling and meeting people, conversing with people.” 

Ilorah also thinks her English has improved too. “I would say that I have increased my English proficiency; my ability to read and write. Even though English is our official language, we converse more in the native language. So yeah, I would say that has also been one of the advantages of me moving countries.” 

She feels that life is a little easier in Australia: “I have gotten a little bit of financial stability, back in Nigeria I wouldn’t have said something like that.” 


Taking PTE to apply for a qualification in nursing 

Illora took her PTE exam in the United States, where she was visiting for family reasons. “Booking the test was fairly easy. I did it online, and they had, like, a step-by-step guideline on how to do it.”   

She prepared for the exam herself, without a teacher. “I did a lot of extensive reading. I watched a lot of YouTube channels and then I did some practice on my own. I went to libraries, and I prepared myself and my English, and my ability to read, write, speak and listen.” 

To pass, Ilora needed a score of 60. “The results came out in less than a week, which was really fast,” she says. “And honestly speaking I was shocked when I saw the result, I didn’t expect that!” She passed with flying colors with an overall score of 77. Well done Ilora! 


Focusing on goals in 2020 

2020 was a tough year for everyone, but Ilora managed to stay focused on achieving her goals. She explains that as a first-time mom, raising her newborn kept her centered and grounded on what was important, “I have a healthy child. I think that’s something to be grateful for.”  

“And then one of the perks of my 2020 -the highlight was towards the ending of last November when I took the PTE. Honestly speaking, with everything that has happened. I wasn’t sure I was going to make the score. I was like, let me just give it a shot.” 

Studying and looking after her baby daughter was especially tough. “So, when I took the exam and I made it. I was really happy I think that was one of the perks of my 2020!” 


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