We understand that COVID-19 pandemic is unsettling and that your plans to take PTE Academic may have been disrupted by it.  We are here to help! 

We have gathered practical advice together on steps you can take to ensure you remain best prepared for when you’re next able to sit your test and to use the current time effectively.  

Familiarize Yourself Fully with The Test Format and Questions 

You may have just booked the test recently and not quite sure of what to expect when the time comesWe have some useful resources to help your concernThese free preparation materials will guide you through each process of the actual test: 

  • Read thTest Format information on our website with summary videos of all 20 question types in PTE Academic and tips on how to respond to each one.  
  • Download our Official PTE Academic Practice App (iOS and Android) with key information on what you need to do to prepare for test day, practice questions and a useful study planner to organize your preparation for you. 
  • Work through our self-study Introduction to PTE Academic online course with video-lead guidance from a tutor on each of the question types, advice on how to approach each question, and more free practice. 
  • Ensure you’ve read our Test Taker Tips guide. 

Practice, Practice, and Practice

You can never have enough of it! We have practice questions and scored practice tests with the same day results that you can complete them at home. 

Choose from a range of packages to suit your preparation needs which include our sample questions to familiarize you with the format of PTE Academic.  

You can also try a section of free sample questions  NOW! 

 Need That Little Bit of Extra Tutor Support Remotely 

$15USD discount offer is available for PTE Academic courses by E2Language. Simply enter the voucher code STAYHOME15 at the payment gateway. 

You can also get 90 days free access to E2School to help with grammar, punctuation and general English! 

 Review Those Important Documents 

Do you know what you will be judged on in your test?  Do you know exactly what you should be doing on the day of your test, and what’s expected of you? 

  •  Read our Score Guide; it gives a breakdown on the scoring criteria applied to each question so you can be aware of what skills you need to demonstrate on the test day. 
  • Review the test taker handbook; it contains important information about the test day and what the rules are during the process (I.e. break time, enter the test room, etc.).  

The PTE Academic team is here to support the preparation for your test.



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