Are you an international student in Australia who has recently completed your degree? Congratulations! With your studies complete it is now time to think about your future in Australia. Did you know you can apply for a post-study work visa (also known as a Temporary Graduate visa or subclass 485) following the completion of your studies? This enables you to work, live and travel in Australia. Find out more about this visa below.


So, what is the post-study work visa and what does it mean for you? Depending on the qualification that you graduate with, this visa will enable you to stay in Australia for up to a maximum of 4 years following the completion of your studies. The Australian government provides an estimated application processing time between 3 to 4 months.

Eligibility Requirements  

Before you apply, check to see if you meet the Australian governmentstudy requirements to ensure you meet eligibility requirements. A post-study work visa is only available if you successfully applied for your first student visa on or after November 5th, 2011. In order to ensure your application for this visa is processed by the Australian government, you’ll need to have held an Australian student visa for a period greater than 6 months before your application date and currently hold a substantive visa.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to secure a poststudy work visa if you have previously held a Temporary Graduate visa or Recognised Graduate visa as a primary visa holderTo check your eligibility in full, visit the following resource page provided by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs, here.

The Step by Step Application Process 

The Australian government provides a useful step by step visa guide so students have a simple resource to follow once they’re in the position to apply for their Temporary Graduate visa.

1. When should you start the application process? 

It’s important that you start the application for your post-study work visa as soon as you receive confirmation from your education provider that you’ve successfully completed your studies. You must apply for this visa within 6 months of completing your eligible course.

2. Ensure you have the required documents and paperwork 

As with any application, you’ll need to provide documented evidence to support your application. It’s important that you thoroughly review all required documentation so you do not accidentally miss items essential to your application. Given that some documents may be harder to source than others, it’s important to get started on your application as soon as you receive notice of your successful completion. Please ensure you check the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website to make sure you have up to date advice and a detailed list of required documentation.

One of the most important documents to provide with your application is your English language test results to prove your proficiency. PTE Academic is accepted by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs for all visa categories, including post-study visa applications.

To use PTE Academic to apply for an Australian visa, you need to select Australia on the country dropdown menu and work on the current goal options. You can choose to have your scores allocated to the DHA when you register or simply provide the Score Report Code on your visa application form so they can access your result.

Find out more about PTE Academic and the test centers near you here.

3. Applying for your post-study work visa 

Once you’ve gathered the required documentation, you’ll apply for your visa through your Immi account. If your student visa features a ‘no further stay’ condition (either 8534 or 8503), you’ll need to apply for your visa via the paper form. It’s at this point of the process that you’ll pay the required fee for your visa, and it’s also from this point that the processing of your application actually commences.

4. What happens after you file your application? 

As is the case when applying for a student visa, the Australian government will notify you of any additional required documentation through your Immi account. It’s important to note that if you choose to leave Australia once you’ve filed your post-study work visa application, you’ll need to inform the government. If you’re not in Australia when the government makes the decision about the status of your application, you may run the risk of your visa expiring.

5. Visa outcome 

If you’re successful with your application, the Australian government will notify you of your new visa status as Temporary Graduate visa holder in writing. It’s important to remember that all updates will be received through your Immi account and as such, there’s no need to call for updates regarding your application.


Are you currently waiting to find out if your visa application has been successful? Whilst it can be stressful waiting for confirmation when professional opportunities are on the line, remember to keep an eye on your Immi account and stay on top of updates. Good luck!

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