How did PTE Academic become the best in the world?

10 years of opening doors to the world

We are recognized as one of the most reliable tests by governments and thousands of universities around the world. PTE Academic has helped millions of people to unlock new possibilities.

10 years of being the fastest

You can schedule a test 24 hours in advance, book it anytime 365 days a year and most people usually get their results in less than 2 days.

10 years of leading the way in AI

We are the first, and still the only test to use the most up to date technology combined with a team of experts to provide the fairest, most accurate and secure test available.

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How have we helped people around the world pursue their dreams?

“After taking this test I always felt comfortable and confident going to GPs, supermarkets, banks, for example. Learning English through PTE Academic has continued to be useful in my everyday life – not just for me but for my children as well. We decided to teach them English so they could assimilate fully as we are living in the UK. This is the skill and power that PTE Academic gave me.”

“I found it one of the best practical examinations of English, which is very helpful in one’s professional as well as daily life. The PTE test set me up with the skills I have needed to use in my studying and my career as well.”