Many institutions across the USA recognise PTE Academic as proof of English proficiency for study in the USA. With PTE Academic, results are typically available in five business days and you can send your score to as many institutions as you want.

Who Accepts PTE Academic in the USA?

PTE Academic is accepted by many institutions for study. View the full list of who accepts PTE Academic in the USA and worldwide.

For a list of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) institutions who accept PTE Academic go to STEM Institutions USA

Prepare for PTE Academic

View our PTE Academic Preparation page for downloads and preparation material to help you complete PTE Academic and study in the USA.



Find a Test Centre to Study in the USAAmerica

There are many PTE Academic test centres across the United States. Locate your nearest test centre worldwide.

Standard Price - USD$200.00
Late Booking Price - USD$250.00

If you are unable to find a suitable date, complete this form.

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Why study in the USA?

The United States offers one of the finest education systems to students studying internationally and its universities and colleges are respected globally. Earning a degree from a US university gives you the broad academic experience necessary to compete in the global economy. With institutions to choose from all across the USA with PTE Academic, you could be on your way to securing a place to study in the USA. American campus life is known for its vibrancy, team sports and extra curricular activity, you will have lots to do and explore.

The USA is very diverse, in its culture and geography and is a popular destination for international students wishing to experience American culture and the opportunity to visit some world-famous attractions whilst you are studying. From New York City to the beaches of California on the west coast, the White House in Washington D.C and road trips through the Rocky Mountains in the south, you can experience the USA with PTE Academic.


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