Score Report Website

Students receive their PTE Academic scores through a secure online portal, the Score Report Website. To ensure you maximise the security of PTE Academic scores, you should always verify scores through the secure online portal; you should not accept paper or PDF copies of the score report.

The score report website lets you:

  • Access test taker scores assigned to your institution.
  • Search by time period, name or specific score report.
  • Print, save or export all data as PDF or CSV files.
  • Listen to the sample audio files recorded by test takers.
  • View and edit your institution’s contact information and user accounts.

Access the Score Report Website

Downloadable Guides

Instructions for institutions - Click here to find out more


Once students have assigned their scores to your institution you can login and verify them. This may take up to 48 hours. Simply login to your account at Viewing Scores

  • Once logged in, click "Score Reports"
  • “Select all” and click “Next”.
  • Here you can view scores received from this week, the previous 6 weeks and the previous month. You can click on the icon within the “View Score Reports” column to open a pdf of the student’s test results. Alternatively you can click on the magnifying glass within the “View List/Play Audio” column to reveal additional data about the test taker as well as their audio clip before you view the test results.
  • To search for a particular test taker’s results (who have already assigned their scores to your institution) select “Search all” at the bottom of the main Score Reports page.
  • The search fields are case sensitive. Select the “View List/Play Audio Page” tab within the drop down menu at the bottom of the screen for the most student information. Alternatively for a full of list all scores received select “Test (exam appointment date)” under the date range (which will default to the previous two years) and then . Select the “View List/Play Audio Page” tab at within the drop down menu at the bottom of the screen.

Changing passwords and setting email updates

  • Select “My Profile” at the top of the screen
  • Here you can change your password or select to receive email updates of score reports that have been allocated to your institution by clicking on the first “edit” tab. Then select “User will receive score report notification by email” and choose “Daily”, “Weekly” or “Monthly” before selecting “Save Changes”.

Adding Users

  1. Click on ‘Add User’ at the bottom of the list of existing users. Enter all the required information (highlighted by *) and click ‘Save Changes’.
  2. Set permissions for data access, including whether the user may see test taker photos on score reports and hear test taker Personal Introductions. Select the departments and programs the user may view scores for. Click on ‘Save Changes’.

You should note the username and password for the new account. You can then send these details to the new user and they can begin accessing PTE Academic scores straightaway.For more information please see the Score Report Website User Guide (link). Alternatively if you have any other questions or would like to request a new set of login details please contact

Technical Requirements:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or higher), NOT Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • Adobe® Reader®. To download the most recent version, visit
  • Username and password. If you have lost or forgotten your details, contact
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista, XP or Windows 2000 operating system.

Instructions for test takers - Click here to find out more

  1. After taking PTE Academic, a student can allocate their score to you in a few simple steps. Once this is complete you will be able to view and verify their test results.
  2. Test takers should log on to their account by visiting and then clicking on “My Account”
  3. Once logged in, click "Send Scores"
  4. Type the name of the institution in the field marked "Institution/Organization/Department/School" and click “Search"
  5. Tick the box next to the institution name when it appears in the list.
  6. Scroll down the page and then click “Next” and then “Next” again to confirm.