Let PTE Academic take you to New Zealand

All universities and a growing number of polytechnics across New Zealand now recognise PTE Academic as proof of English proficiency for study in New Zealand. It is also approved by the NZQA as evidence of English language ability for international students applying to study at Private Training Establishments (PTEs) and Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs).

With PTE Academic, test results are typically available in five business days and test takers can send their score to as many institutions as they want.

Who Accepts PTE Academic?

PTE Academic can be used for applications to all New Zealand universities; Private Training Establishments; and Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics. View the list of who accepts PTE Academic in New Zealand and worldwide.

Prepare for PTE Academic

View our PTE Academic Preparation page for downloads and preparation material to help you complete PTE Academic for study in New Zealand.

Find a Test Centre

There is a PTE Academic test centre in Auckland.

Price: NZ$385*

Late Booking Price: NZ$412.50

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