Taking PTE Academic 

This is a step-by-step guide to our English proficiency exam.

 Before the test  

1. Register online for PTE Academic. (Or contact us to book by phone.)
2. Wait for our confirmation email - it might take up to two working days.
3. Use the link in the email to sign in online.
4. Once you have signed in, book your test.

Prepare for the test. Read our handbook, FAQs and use our learning resources to help you achieve the score you need.

6. Check the location of your test center to ensure you know where you have to be.

 At the test center  

1. Get to the test center at least 30 minutes before the test.
2. Bring appropriate ID (usually passport - see Test Taker Handbook for accepted ID).
3. You may have to go through other checks before taking the test.
4. The test takes up to three hours.

 After the test  

1. Your results should arrive typically within 5 working days.
2. Keep checking your account for scores and we will also send you an email when your English test results are ready.
3. Click the link in the email to see your results.
4. You will be able to see your score online. We do not provide printed reports.
5. Send your results to an institution or organization directly from your account.

If appying for a UK visa, there are extra steps.

Get started with our English proficiency test

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