PTE Young Learners - Quickmarch 

Who is this test for?
This test is designed to motivate and reward young learners who have achieved a basic level of English and who are in advance of Springboard. The aim is primarily to test the learners’ ability to use the language communicatively rather than to test their knowledge of the language system. 

How is this test structured?
The Quickmarch test consists of a one-hour paper, which tests Listening, Reading and Writing.  The tasks in the tests feature the Brown family and include some of the following topics:

  • Spare time
  • Time
  • Places
  • Food
  • Family
  • Animals
  • Pets
  • Homes
  • School
  • The Body and People’s Appearance
  • Clothes    

Listening Tasks
The children will listen to two passages and will be required to perform the following tasks:

  • Listen to a conversation and put a cross (X) in the box under the correct picture for each answer.
  • Listen to a conversation and write a short answer to the questions.

Reading and Writing Tasks
Test takers will be required to perform the following tasks:

  • Read a short conversation and write in the missing questions.
  • Matching pictures and text by drawing a line between the picture and the appropriate text for that picture.
  • Put in the missing verbs in a short text by choosing the appropriate verb from a list and putting it into the past tense.
  • Write short responses to given prompts.

The children will be tested in class by an external assessor.  They will be asked to participate in a board game and an individual activity. For further information about the oral component for Quickmarch please click here.