For Teachers: PTE General Recommended Resources 

This website links the skills and subskills tested in PTE General with over 100 teaching resources selected from internationally published ELT skills course books (and related online content). You may have access to some resources already, have used them before or want to purchase some after finding out how they can be used with your students to develop the skills tested in PTE General.

How to find resources

1.  Click on the communicative skill you want to focus on for the appropriate PTE General level:

Level A1 Listening Reading Speaking  Writing
Level 1 Listening Reading   Speaking   Writing 
Level 2  Listening  Reading   Speaking   Writing 
Level 3  Listening  Reading   Speaking   Writing 
Level 4  Listening  Reading   Speaking   Writing 
Level 5  Listening  Reading   Speaking   Writing

2.  You are reminded of the subskills tested in PTE General for the communicative skill you have chosen.

3. Click on the name of the resource and you will find more information about it including a description of the contents, its components, online extension resources, and purchasing and publisher websites.

Pearson takes no responsibility for the indicated levels of the published titles displayed.