PTE General - Level 5: Proficient 

Who is this test for?

This test is for test takers who are applying for higher education in an English-speaking institution and/or are wishing to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in English for social, academic and professional purposes.

Test takers will be expected to understand stated and unstated functions and the explicit and implicit meaning of the content of written and spoken communication in a wide range of social, academic and professional contexts, and to express themselves in the spoken and written form effectively with a high degree of accuracy, appropriacy and style.

How is this test structured?

The test has a written paper and a spoken test. The written paper is divided into nine tasks which are linked to a theme. At Level 5 the theme tends to be quite abstract, such as global issues like pollution and conservation.

For the Level 5 guide, practice tests and tutorial click here.

Please note that PTE General is not accepted by the UKBA for spouse/partner/family visa purposes.

Written test (2 hours and 55 minutes)

Section Skill Description
1 Listening 3-option multiple choice
2 Listening and Writing dictation
3 Listening test, note completion
4 Reading 3-option gap fill multiple choice
5 Reading 3-option graphical multiple choice
6 Reading open-ended question
7 Reading text, note completion
8 Writing write correspondence (150-200 words)
9 Writing write text (250-300 words)

Spoken test (8 minutes)

The spoken test consists of a timed interaction between a test taker and an interlocutor. There are 4 sections to the test.
  1. sustained monologue
  2. discussion
  3. describe picture
  4. role play